Lovesong for Lost Endings : the archaeology of junk shops
performance for super 8 film and optics

The detritus of displacement lingers in the liminal space between the mnemonic device of the home movie and the fleshy body of the operator behind the mechanical projector.  In this panegyric for the odds that escape the landfill to linger like fossils for future explorers in the archaeology of junk shops, the body of the projectionist is present in the cinematic space intervening with the flickering images between the lens and the screen;  mirrors, prisms, and glass are used to distort and throw the images into deviant spaces like memories disfigured over time through the acts of fact and fabulation.  As we move from year to year, place to place, chapter to chapter, we shed our objects like snakes shed their skin and like deer shed their antlers; dead bone to the ground, divining the shed-hunters.

Exhibition History
8Fest, Trash Palace, Toronto, 2012