Playing Jacob
Canada  2005
3 min.  100 feet (30 metres) [1 daylight spool]
16mm Color with Optical Sound

Loosely exploring the historical weight of institutionalized religion in a postmillennial society, and its relationship to individual spirituality, the filmmaker places herself into the Jacob myth of the Pentateuch. She plays the role of Jacob in an attempt to come to terms with her religious upbringing, and her anxious ambivalence towards her own agnosticism. Inspired by the in-camera techniques of the early cinema of Meliese, the film and all of its special effects were shot and edited entirely in-camera in one take.

Production Credits
Directed, and Performed by: Amanda Dawn Chritise
Assisted by Doug Pope

Screening History
(note: I have not kept good records of where my films have screened when sent out by my distributors)
2005  “AFCOOP Annual Screening”  Halifax, NS, Canada
2005  “Late Night Film Empoirium #1” Cineworks, Van. BC Canada;
2005  “Render All” Video In Studios, Van, BC Canada
2010 "Birth, Death, Light" Winnipeg Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Canada.

2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa, Canada
2009 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Vogue Cinema, Sackville, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", HIFF, Halifax, Canada
2010 "Dividing Roadmaps by Timezones", Winnipeg Cinematheque, Canada

Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Centre (Toronto, CA)