Reception Reports 34 & 35: May 27. Washington, DC.

Hi Amanda!

26 May 2017 at 23:00Z from Bethesda-Chevy Chase on a Sony ICF-7600GR with a wire loop antenna:
9620 Moosbrun Austria (Soprano: Renelle LeBlanc) sinpo 55545
11580 WRMI Miami (Alto: Nokomi Ouellet) sinpo 55555
6850 undisclosed location (ténor 1: Justin A. Guignard) not audible
5130 WBCQ Monticello (Tenor 2: Joseph Goodwin) not audible
9690 German Shortwave Service Nauen (Bass: Roger Castonguay) sinpo 55545

I'd also like to ask you for a second QSL for my son Theo, who caught you using my Alinco DJ-X11 in the backseat of our car with a whip antenna clipped to the window, 26 May 2017 at 23:30Z mobile in Chevy Chase and Friendship Heights, DC:

9620 Moosbrun Austria (Soprano: Renelle LeBlanc) sinpo 55555
11580 WRMI Miami (Alto: Nokomi Ouellet) sinpo 43344
6850 undisclosed location (ténor 1: Justin A. Guignard) not audible
5130 WBCQ Monticello (Tenor 2: Joseph Goodwin) not audible
9690 German Shortwave Service Nauen (Bass: Roger Castonguay) sinpo 55545

This will be his first QSL, and I'm hoping it hooks him into the hobby!

And thanks for a fascinating program!  We both enjoyed listening, but wished we'd been able to see the installation. 

Reception Report #33: Greece (11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, 9690 from Germany, and 5130 from Monticello)

Name of the station: WRMI
TX Site: WRMI : Radio Miami International
RX Site: QTH KM19ER - Larisa Greece
(Lat: 39.643452 long: 22.41320)
Date Monitored: 26 - MAY -2017 (UTC)
Time: 2310 to 2400UTC
Frequency: 11580 kHz
SINPO: 45444
Reciever: Tecsun pl-600
Antenna: Homebrew Active Loop
PROGRAM DETAILS 2300 to 2400 Requiem for Radio performance =========================== ===========================

Name of the station: Moosbrunn
TX Site: Moosbrunn: Shortwaveservice
RX Site: QTH KM19ER - Larisa Greece
(Lat: 39.643452 long: 22.41320)
Date Monitored: 26 - MAY -2017 (UTC)
Time: 2300 to 2400UTC
Frequency: 9620 kHz
SINPO: 43444
Reciever: rtl-sdr with NooElec Hamitup upconverter
Antenna: longwire
PROGRAM DETAILS 2300 to 2400 Requiem for Radio performance =========================== ===========================
Name of the station: Nauen
TX Site: Nauen: Shortwaveservice
RX Site: QTH KM19ER - Larisa Greece
(Lat: 39.643452 long: 22.41320)
Date Monitored: 26 - MAY -2017 (UTC) Time: 2300 to 2400UTC
Frequency: 9690 kHz
SINPO: 43444 fade to 33333
Reciever: rtl-sdr with NooElec Hamitup upconverter
Antenna: longwire
PROGRAM DETAILS 2305 to 2400 Requiem for Radio performance =========================== ===========================
Name of the station: WBCQ
TX Site: WBCQ : Free Speech Radio
RX Site: QTH KM19ER - Larisa Greece
(Lat: 39.643452 long: 22.41320)
Date Monitored: 26 - MAY -2017 (UTC)
Time: 2300 to 2400UTC
Frequency: 5130 kHz
SINPO: 34333 fade to 34233 some QRN Noise.
Reciever: Tecsun pl-606
Antenna: Mini Whip Active Antenna
PROGRAM DETAILS 2310 to 2400 Requiem for Radio performance ===========================
In Closing I really enjoyed listening to Requiem for Radio Thank you very much for reading my report. I hope found it useful. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thank-you and 73,


Reception Report #29: Pensylvannia (ALL 5 TRACKS!!! 5130 Monticello, 6850 Pirate Radio Boston, 9620 Austria, 9690 Germany, 11580 Miami)

Greetings from Dunlo, PA, USA!!
I was pleasantly surprised to hear your "Requiem for Radio" program on 5 different shortwave frequencies on 27 May 2017.  I actually heard your broadcast the day before on the 31 meterband frequencies as well, but only for the last 5 minutes.  After the broadcast, I did some research, found out that it was your program, and was happy to learn that you would be on the air again the following day.  So I dug out 3 of my old shortwave receivers from storage and tuned in to all 5 frequencies at the same time for the entire program on that second broadcast.  I must admit, I didn't think all 5 frequencies would be received here, but they were.  I any event, as a memento of the occasion, I'd appreciate it very much if you could confirm my reception(s) with an e-QSL verification card, please.  If you prefer, a simple e-mail confirmation message would also suffice.
As stated above, I heard your broadcast on 27 May 2017(UTC date).  I measured your frequencies at exactly 5129.8, 6850.5, 9620, 9690, and 11580 kiloHertz.
Below is a description of what was heard.

I was able to hear the broadcast begin on all frequencies at 2300 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), except 6850.5 kHz which didn't become audible until the signal strength suddenly increased at 2304 UTC.  However, it may have been on the air extremely weakly in the previous 2 minutes.  As I found on your web site, the program consisted of some very unique artistic, almost droning-like (in a positive sense!!) music on an organ, theremin/RCI towers, cow bone, etc.  Mixed in with the music were things that have been heard on shortwave, such as Morse code (CW), numbers and phonetic spy stations in both the English and German languages, Utility station sounds, Gregorian chanting-like vocals, and possibly even snippets of actual voice broadcasts.  On 11580 kHz, I noticed that a man (Jeff White??) announcer was calling Radio Canada International in the first 5 minutes of the program ("This is WRMI, Radio Miami International calling Canada.  Come in RCI.  Where are you.  Can you hear me.").  I am not sure if the Morse code was spelling out announcements regarding the broadcast or not.  The speed was a little too fast for me, and I haven't taken the time to try and decipher it.  The program ended at 0000 UTC, however 6850.5 kHz seemed to end 1 minute early.

I noticed that there were differences in the program on each frequency indicating that each was airing a different audio "track" as per your web site. 

After the broadcast, I searched my recordings for the best signals on all frequencies at the same time and combined them to form 1 mono recording.  Thinking about the variations in reception on so many frequencies, and the fact that the program may not have been started at the exact same time on each frequency, I didn't have much hope.  But combining all 5 tracks/frequencies was fairly successful!!  You can hear my results by clicking on the following link at where I posted the 1 minute audio file:


The 2 clips were recorded from 2313 and 2347 UTC.  I posted another audio file of all 5 frequencies separately not only as proof that I heard all 5, but so that you could hear how each was received here as well.  Here is the link for that recording:  


The frequencies are in order (5129.8, 6850.5, 9620, 9690, and 11580 kHz) with 1 second of silence between each.  Each is about 20 seconds long except for the last 11580 kHz which is about a minute.

Reception on each frequency was fairly good at times.  9620, 9690, and 11580 provided the best and clearest reception.  5129.8 and 6850.5 kHz were somewhat noisy.  Since you can hear how each frequency sounded (by using the link above to hear the recording), and describing the signal quality in detail for each would take too long, I'll rate the reception quality for each frequency using the SINFO code as follows:  5129.8 kHz 3/5/3/3/3, 6850.5 kHz 3/5/3/4/3, 9620 kHz 4/4/4/4/4, 9690 kHz 4/4/4/4/4, and 11580 kHz 5/5/4/4/4.  I must point out that I had a little local "popping" interference on 9620 and 9690 kHz.  Also 5129.8 kHz was somewhat poor for about the first 40 minutes then suddenly picked up for the remaining 20 minutes.

As I said, I had to get 3 of my older receivers out of storage so that I could hear all 5 frequencies at the same time.  I typically use a Perseus SDR receiver for listening to shortwave these days.  The other 3 receivers were an old 1953 Collins R-388, a Japan Radio Company NRD-535D, and a Eton E1 portable.  I used the Perseus with a 153 foot Delta loop antenna to receive 9620 and 9690 kHz.  A Wellbrook ALA1530S amplified loop antenna was split between the NRD-535D receiver tuned to 6850.5 kHz and the Collins R-388 receiver tuned to 5129.8 kHz.  And 11580 kHz was received on the Eton E1 portable using a temporary random wire antenna of about 50 feet in length.  I have listened to shortwave broadcast radio stations as a hobby for over 41 years now.  In that time I have been an active member in a number of shortwave listening clubs including the North American Shortwave Association, Fine Tuning, The Atlantic States DX Association, Numero Uno, Cumbre DX, The Danish Shortwave Clubs International, Dr. Tims Piraten News, and the SW Pirates and Alfa Lima International Free Radio Board Internet groups.  I have also helped co-edit several hard copy club bulletins over the years.

Reception Report #27: May 27. Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta (11580 from Miami)

Subject: Requiem for Radio SW Broadcast, May 27, 2017

Message: Hello Amanda,

I found out about the Requiem for Radio project and SW broadcast schedule via the site. I'm so glad I did- amazing creations! I caught the May 27th broadcast from WRMI 11580 kHz at 5-6pm MT (2300-2400 UTC).

It was a sublime listening experience.

I took a digital portable SW receiver (Tecsun PL880) to a beach on Lesser Slave Lake (north central Alberta) and ran a 30' wire to some scrubby bushes. There was zero noise because there was zero electrical devices for at least a km. I sat on a driftwood log, listening with noise cancelling headphones as the warm wind crashed waves to the shore. Without any RFI in the signal, it sounded as hi-fi as shortwave can get!

Above: Beach at Lesser Slave Lake, AB where RFR broadcast received

Above: Beach at Lesser Slave Lake, AB where RFR broadcast received

Reception Report

Date: May 27, 2017
Time: 5-6pm MT (2300-2400) UTC
Location: Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada
Freq: 11580 kHz WRMI
Receiver: Tecsun PL880 with AN-03L antenna
Program: Requiem for Radio (atmospheric music, no intro or outro)
SINPO: 55544

May I kindly request a QSL card as a memento of this experience?
Thank you for mixing radio and art!

Below: 4100 km distance between WRMI Tx and AB Rx   

Below: 4100 km distance between WRMI Tx and AB Rx


Someone found and spread the unadvertised live video stream!

Hi Amanda:
There was quite a bit of discussion on the DX sites about the broadcasts including Glenn Hauser's DXLD Yahoo group and Thomas Witherspoon's SWLing Post. The "secret" TV1 broadcast info quickly spread. ;-) I caught the second show broadcast. Screen dump of the last image in the video stream is attached. Also have the podcast of the CKUT broadcast. Let me know if you'd like a copy and/or the URL.
Looking forward to the QSL for the SW broadcasts. Let us know when you start to send them out.
All the best
-- Richard


Screen capture of the Bell TV1 live video stream of the Requiem for Radio: Full Quiet Flutter performance (this is the crowd mingling after the show)

Reception Report #25: May 27. Conneticut. (ALL 5 TRACKS! 11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, 9690 from Germany, 5130 from Monticello, and 6850 from Pirate Radio Boston)

Subject: reception report

Message: Dear Ms. Christie -

Just a note that I received your broadcast of "Requiem for Radio" at 2300 UTC on May 25, 26, and 27, 2017. To help spread the word, I posted word of reception on I was able to eventually receive the broadcast on all five frequencies (5310, 6850, 9620, 9690, 11580) and thoroughly enjoyed. It was chilling to hear Shortwaveservice/WBCQ staff attempting to reach RCI toward the start.

I found the piece heartwarming on a couple of levels. First, I am a rabid radio listener and had been a fan of programming from Sackville. Second, I have a son who received his Master's in Music Composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music, so I have a fondness for newer orchestra works.

For such a lovely work, I warmed up three tube radios which made my living room sound like a concert hall: '36 Zenith Console 8S154, '37 Emerson AR-176, and ' 50 Zenith Trans Oceanic G500 (you can check them on line). This was quite a creative laboring on your part. I wish you success in future endeavors.

73 -

Reception Report #24: May 27. Northern Ireland. (9690 from Germany)

Dear RFR,

I had the pleasure of listening to your piece of music last night on 9690khz via Nauen, Germany at my location in Armagh City, Northern Ireland. My reception report is as below and a 30 minute recording.

Station: Requiem for Radio
Frequency: 9690khz
Date: 27/05/17
Time: 2300 - 2359 UTC
SINPO: 55555
Equipment: Icom IC-R70 & Wellbrook ALA1530LN Active Loop Antenna
Location: Armagh City, Northern Ireland
Recording URL:

If this report is found correct I would love a QSL card to confirm reception.

Kind Regards,

Reception Report #23: May 27. Rhode Island. (6940 USB Radio Free Whatever and 6850 Pirate Radio Boston)

Greetings Amanda!

 Hello from Rhode Island. I am writing to confirm reception of your Requiem For Radio program on 5/27/2017 from 2326-2337 UTC on 6940 USB mode and 5/27/2017 from 2341-2359* UTC on 6850.5 AM mode. I live in Warwick, Rhode Island USA and have been listening to shortwave radio since 1991. My primary interest is focused on the shortwave pirate radio stations here in North America and also from Europe. I used my Kenwood TS450 radio and all band dipole antenna at 135 feet long and up about 40 feet to listen to the two broadcasts. My reception details are as follows:

2326- strange sounds and spacey musicS5-6 (6940 USB)
2329- data sounds/CW mixed into the spacey music
2331- YL reading numbers quickly in Spanish
2334- Lincolnshire Poacher music then YL repeating "3 9 7 1 5"
2337- YL reading off numbers then more Lincolnshire Poacher music

2341- spacey musicS7-8(6850.5 AM)
2344- some beeps then YL voice reading off numbers
2347- spacey music and YL voice with numbers in German
2353- more spacey music
2356- more spacey music along with various beeps
2359- off.

 The broadcast on 6850 AM was relayed by Pirate Radio Boston and the one on 6940 USB was relayed by Radio Free Whatever, both station operators are very close friends of mine by the way! The audio from both stations was excellent and the signal strengths indicated were both good. I truly enjoyed listening to your program, it was something I've never heard before on shortwave! You did an amazing job putting this together and it was definitely fun to hear. After doing some online research regarding the radio program I see it is an homage to Radio Canada International which closed down operations in June of 2012. Your website about the Requiem For Radio program is very interesting, there is a ton of information there to read! I will definitely check it all out soon. If this report is correct a QSL would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if you will be sending out postal QSL cards or electronic QSLs so here is my home address:

 Thank you in advance and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects Amanda. 

Reception Report #22: VORW Radio

(this is not a full reception report... just an email I recieved... but I have written to him asking if he will send me a reception report)


Hello! I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that I enjoyed the Requiem for Radio performance!

I myself am a shortwave broadcaster and YouTuber and I just wanted to thank you for devoting attention to the shortwave medium! It seems forgotten by many, but I think there are still many potential listeners out there.

I often talk about shortwave radio with my audience, and a number of people have actually bought shortwave radios to hear what is still left on the airwaves!

All the best,

John (VORW Radio)

Reception Report #21: May 27. Japan (

Dear Amanda Dawn Christie & all the RFR staff
Thank you very much for your great programs.
I listened your broadcast on May27.
Attached my reception report and mp3.
If you confirm that this report is your broadcast, would you please send me a QSL(or eQSL?).
Sincerely yours,

Reception report by @radio_no_koe

[Reception Report]
 I am pleased to inform you that I have listened to your broadcast.

  Requiem for Radio

  UTC May 27, 2017 (Sat)

  UTC 2300-2400

[Receiving Place]

  (*1) 9620kHz(Austria) via Dutch WebSDR
  (*2) 9690kHz(Germany) via Dutch WebSDR
    Actually received on 9693.60kHz to prevent interfere
  (*3)11580kHz(WRMI) via Dutch WebSDR

  HP personal computer (Windows10 Professional)

[Received contents]
     (*1)  (*2)  (*3)
2258 ----- ----- ----- interfere from CRI(China Radio International) on 9685kHz
                       but, it dissapointed at 2300UTC.
2300 55444 55444 55444 instrumental music with some voice and morse codes
                       (55444 is Excellent situation)
0000 ----- ----- ----- all signals are stopped


  Thank you very much for your attractive program.
  I enjoyed your great program.

  In Tokyo Japan, direct receiving was very hard, but I used an Dutch remote
  SDR sites (WebSDR) to receive 3 frequencies simultaneously.
  (attached 2017-05-28_pict1.png)

  All 3 frequencies(*1)(*2)(*3) were very good conditions in Europe.
  Unfortunatelly, the remains 2 frequencies (such as Boston & WBCQ) could not
  be listened to at that site.

  This attached record was recorded at starting your beautiful program.
  At that time, sounds switched from China CRI to your broadcast on 9690kHz.
  (attached 2017-05-28_00_RFR_simul_record_2259_2300UTC.mp3)

If you confirm that this report is your broadcast, would you please send me
a QSL(or eQSL?) though I used remote sites.

Sincerely yours,


Reception Report #20: Massachussets (6850, Pirate Radio Boston)

Dear Amanda,

 I am close friends with CL. He told me about the broadcast.
 Could you please confirm my report with your QSL or verification. This would be very much appreciated.

Here is the information;
Date : 27 May, 2017.
Time 23:40 UTC 00:00 UTC.
Frequency : 6850 KHz.

I did not hear a good signal until 23:40 UTC when the signal faded in quite well for my noisy location. SINPO 33333.

My radio is a Drake R-8 Communications receiver with in indoor, Dymek, all band whip antenna. ( Condo board will not let me have an outside antenna.)

Here are some program details.
I heard what sounded like sound art / music. It had (to me) a mournful sound. In this i heard various strange noises, I heard some words or numbers being repeated by a female, as well as some RTTY sounds.

I did not hear an ID at the end of the broadcast.

I am thankful CL told me about this. I enjoyed the experience. it made me think of the state of radio today, and the work we must do to save it.

I appreciate your efforts.  this broadcast was not at all ordinary, which I found refreshing.

Please accept my very best wishes. I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours

Reception Report #19: North Carolina (11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, 9690 from Germany, 5130 from Monticello, and 6850 from Pirate Radio Boston)

Form Submission - Contact - tonight's "Requiem For Radio" broadcast

Subject: tonight's "Requiem For Radio" broadcast

Message: Amanda, I'm listening to tonight's broadcast and find it unusually compelling. I only found out about it 15 minutes or so before it started, and I'm really glad I tuned in.

I started on WRMI-11580, but it took a dive in signal strength at about 2310 UTC. I checked Pirate Radio Boston-6850 and WBCQ-5130, they were there but too early to propagate from New England down here to NC. However, the two Eurosites on 9620 and 9690 are doing the best here, 9620 especially as I write.

When I was on 11580 I was amused to hear Jeff White calling RCI Sackville from Okeechobee. Here on 9620 I'm hearing the numbers ladies I remember from the past. I do love the music and will go looking next for downloads or CDs of your work!

Maybe you have or maybe you haven't, but I would love to hear about your efforts in arranging these performances both technical and logistical with the different stations (including a pirate! perfect!!).

I subscribe to your twitter feed and I notice you're QSLing these broadcasts, so I would appreciate one greatly (even though I haven't solicited QSLs in at least 30 year!) via email or postal mail

Thank you for one of the most unusual shortwave receptions I can remember!

Reception Report #18: May 27. Austria (5130 from Monticello)

Hi Amanda !

I finally also received the transmission via WBCQ on 5130 kHz. It was coming through at the end of the transmission but the signal was very, very weak.

    Date: May 27th, 2017
    Time: 2355 - 0000 UTC
    Frequency: 5130 kHz (via WBCQ Monticello, USA)

    Signal Strength as received here in Leibnitz: poor / barely
    Interference from other stations: slight
    The overall merit was: poor / unusable

I attached mp3-recordings I made of my reception.

Many greetings from Austria,
Patrick Robic

Reception Report #17: May 26. Germany (11580 from Miami)

Greetings from Germany !
great to hear your special performance here with a good signal from Okeechobee. Very interesting project !

For me as an DXer and shortwave enthusiast it would be a great pleasure to get yourn special QSL card as a verification. Please note also transmitter site on it.
Will also try to hear another frequency of your last day transmission. Its 1 am local here - so better run a recording on MD - have to work this weekend and getting up before 5 am...
Send my best wishes to your team !

Requiem for Radio


It is with great pleasure that I report the reception of Requiem for Radio. I heard your station on 26-May-2017 from 23:00 to 23:59 UTCon a frequency of 11580 kHz via WRMI, Okeechobee, FL, USA.
Reception Quality

The overall SINPO code that describes the reception quality of your broadcast is:


Equipment Used

The receiver, antenna, and accessory equipment I used to monitor your broadcast were:

Receiver: Sony ICF 2001 D
Antenna: Grahn magnetic loop (GS2-SE)

Program Details

Your broadcast was in the following language: multiple.

The following list describes the programs I heard (times are UTC):

23:00-23:59 UTC
sound collage - Morse code audio - backround sound "This is WRMI...calling ..RCI..."; 23:06 UTC female singer, 23:07 UTC female voice "..78394, 78494, 24146...", german numbers...23:46 UTC german numbers by female,

I really enjoyed listening to Requiem for Radio.

If the information in this report matches your station log, I would greatly appreciate receiving a QSL (verification) card from you.

Thank you very much for reading my report.  I hope your engineers found it useful.  .

Good luck and 73,


Reception Report #16: United Kingdom (11580 from Miami on May 26, and 9690 from Germany on May 25, and 9620 from Austria on May 26))

Hi Amanda,

Like many other short wave fans I followed your project about the felling of the RCI towers (with some sadness), and still await a chance to see the full film here in the UK, but when I heard about your 'Requiem for Radio' project this weekend I was really keen to listen in to it and see exactly what it was all about.

What a great idea, as a passionate shortwave fan since I first discovered it in the early 1970s, I've always loved its mystique, and even now, I'd much rather listen to a broadcast that has travelled thousands of miles and bounced off the Ionosphere than something that has come down a wire into a computer or mobile phone - shortwave has a sprinkle of 'magic dust' and a variability about it which just makes it something that is quite unique and never the same twice.

Anyway, like many listeners I like to send in reception reports (and I'm sure you will have received hundreds of them this weekend), so I have attached a short .mp3 file from last nights' broadcast via WRMI on 11580 kHz (26th May). I also listened on the 25th via the German transmitter on 9690 kHz, and both signals were really strong here in north west England. After discovering that not all stations carried exactly the same audio I also had another radio parked on the Austrian transmitter on 9620 kHz last night so I could get more of the effect (I do have four radios, but I think my brain would have exploded if I'd had them all running at once!) :-)

I watched the interviews after the live video stream from Moncton last night and have a better idea of how everything was done now, so tonight (27th of May), I plan to watch the entire broadcast via the stream, and this should be really something. Being a fan of film and art as well as radio, I do love the idea of combining the two subjects like this, so very well done for having such a great imagination.

Being a Radio Ham I can also read Morse Code (but not Latin), and whilst I haven't decoded it all yet, I did work out that the opening piece said "Requiem aeternam Dona Eis Dominie" or "Grant them eternal rest oh Lord", which was very appropriate! :-) The theramin looks and sounds great, maybe you should make your next project about the 'Natural Radio' signalswhich appear at Very Low Frequencies, and are caused by the Aurora and lightning etc. plenty of those over Canada, they could be a perfect thing to accompany a Theramin.

Below is my 'official' reception report, and I would certainly love to receive a QSL for this unique series of broadcasts, probably one if not the most unusual and original broadcast I've heard in over 45 years of listening. I'm not sure if you have printed QSLs or e-QSLs, but if any return postage is required please do let me know as I'd hate it if the shortwave community went and bankrupted you.

Thanks again for doing this Amanda, and showing just what an interesting thing Shortwave really is, I feel just a little bit less of a radio geek today now, and more of an radio art lover instead! :-D

Very best regards, Alan.


Receivers:      Yaesu FT-920 HF Transceiver with 6 kHz IF Filter, JRC-NRD-525 Receiver

Antenna 1:      30m Inverted L longwire with Wellbrook 9:1 Universal Magnetic Balun




Station:           Requiem for Radio via WRMI

Date:               26th of May 2017

Time:               23:00 – 24:00 GMT

Frequency:     11580.0 kHz    via Okeechobee relay

Mode:              AM

SINPO:           55544


Reception Report #15 : May 26. China (9690 from Germany)

Dear Amanda,

I think that I heard your Requiem for Radio's shortwave broadcast last night.

Here's my reception report:

Date: May 26, 2017
Universal Time: 2300 to 2320
Location: Nanjing, China
Receiver: Tecsun HAM-2000
Antenna: 15m Longwire
Frequency: 9690 kHz
SINPO: 34433

Program details:
From 2300 UTC, I heard mass music which sometimes mixed with telegraph sound. Your signal was fairly strong but unsteady! Despite some noise and fast fading, the broadcast was clear! I love musicians' perfect performances and your great transmission! When I heard your broadcast, it seemed that I was conjuring ghosts of radio masts and towers. I really feel pity for the loss of the RCI shortwave towers that stood in Sackville!

Please check the enclosed audio clip and verify my reception report. Would you like sending me a QSL card?

I am an international radio enthusiast living in China. I am very interested in DXing and collecting radio schedules, QSL cards and pennants.

Thanks a lot and best regards!

Yours truly,