Video stills may follow eventually.  In the meantime, here is a list of video projects.

HiFi Normal
in collaboration with Léandre Bourgeois
8 min. video, colour, sound, 2014
VHS feedback and degrading tape loops blended with a DIY home made non-sync video mixer.
From the recognizable image of the Bell Aliant tower in Moncton NB to pure abstraction - Toward the insignificant.

the capacity to resist
40 sec. video, colour, silent, 2008
a short animation of prisms and electronic components.
exploring themes of desire and distraction.


10 day fast: emotional coping strategy no. 1
5 min. video, colour, sound, 2008
video documentation of a 10 day fast (including blood sugar, pulse, and heartrate)
bodily vitals were logged each day, and posted in the video.


Mechanical/Animal Memory
6min. DVcam, BW, sound, 2005
Mechanical Memory was cut into 7 foot strips and reprinted with a flashlight
Highly abstracted image and sound degrade the mnemonic trace.