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Artist in Residence at Millennium Film Workshop in Brooklyn, NY

  • Brooklyn, New York USA (map)

Millennium Film Workshop welcomes artist in residence Amanda Dawn Christie from October 28 to November 29. 

During her residency at Millennium Film Workshop, Christie will present two film screenings of her work, she will work on editing a 90 minute experimental landscape film, and she will perform a “listening tour” in which she will act as a consultant for MFW during this time of transition.

As a part of her listening tour, she will be meeting with members of the NYC filmmaking community (members and non-members of MFW, including both organizations and individuals).  She will synthesize the feedback from the film community about Millennium’s past 50 years, its present situation, and its potential future into a report with recommendations for moving forward, and a strategic plan that the board and new director may then use in moving forward into the new millennium.  An artbook or zine of drawings, diagrams, timelines, lists, and notes may also result from the listening.