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Requiem for Radio: Pulse Decay performance in Toronto at NAISA

  • Music Gallery 197 John Street Toronto, ON, M5T 1X6 Canada (map)


A Gathering of Canadian Sound Art
co-presented with IMAA
November 10, 2016, 8:00 pm
Music Gallery, 197 John St, Toronto, ON
General $15, Students $10, Participants in Sound Art Caucus meetings and Music Gallery members will be admitted at student rate

A performance of sound art work by Amanda Dawn Christie from Moncton and Nico Arnáez and Shawn Pinchbeck from Edmonton. The performance is co-presented by NAISA and IMAA (Independent Media Arts Alliance ) and is part of a nation-wide caucus meeting of sound artists and sound art presenters (Nov 10-11 at Canadian Music Centre) to discuss the state of sound art and to develop strategies for future growth and sustainability.




I. Pathways by Shawn Pinchbeck
Pathways is an improvised sound performance that will explore a theme of pathways, travel, to and from, choices and the journey. Using a his self-recorded library of sounds and a gestural controller, Shawn will sound surf a piece that crosses genres of sound art going from electroacoustics, noise, ambient music and scounscapes.

II. Three improvisations with "Trio a la Distancia" [Distant Trio] by Nico Arnáez
Trio alla distancia is a non-real time trio based in Argentina and Canada. While gathering together for a session of open improvisation in late August 2016 in Mendoza, Jorge Hernaez (double bass), David Bajda (guitar), and Nicolás Arnáez (live electronics) decided to keep performing altogether, since the cities were they reside are separated by more than 13,000 Kilometers they choose to involve themselves into a timeless improvisatory music connection, where the double bass and guitar duo recorded improvised sonic interactions in Argentina, and the live electronics are added later on a concert situation elsewhere in the world… or vice versa.

The pieces being performed are entitled Cuarenta Días Diferido I [Forty days delayed I], Cuarenta Días Diferido II [Forty days delayed II], and 226 Horas de Latencia [226 hours latency].

III. Requiem for Radio: Pulse Decay by Amanda Dawn Christie
Requiem for Radio: Pulse Decay, is the first in a suite of works mourning the loss of the RCI shortwave site that stood in Sackville, NB from 1944-2014. Audio triggered by a Theremin is sourced from contact microphone recordings that were made of each tower when they were still standing. The Theremin is used to play the ghosts of the radio towers.