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Retrospective of experimental films and performance at the Cinémathèque Québecoise in Montréal

  • Cinémathèque Québecoise 335 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est Montréal, QC, H2X 1K1 Canada (map)

Shifting Earth….

Shifting Earth.… is a program of short experimental films and performances made between 2004 and 2018.  The works in this program explore the visible landscapes of earth, forest, and ocean, as well as the invisible landscapes of memory, mourning, and electromagnetic waves.    The title, “shifting earth….” was drawn from the last words of René Daumal’s unfinished novel, Mount Analogue: A Tale of Non-Euclidian and Symbolically Authentic Mountaineering Adventures, in which characters search for a mountain connecting earth and heaven which is both accessible and inaccessible while being hidden by the curvature of space and light.  The novel ends in mid-sentence where Daumal died after writing about a landslide on the mountain caused when the wasps stopped pollinating the flowers which were responsible for stabilizing the shifting earth.  This book seemed to be a fitting reference, not only because all but one of the works in this program were made with analogue technology (super 8, 16mm, 35mm, and analogue VHS video), but also due to its poetic exploration of physics and metaphysics, applying seemingly scientific principles in absurd approaches to discover hidden landscapes.  

Another connecting thread running through this program of work is the recurring theme of wave forms and wave theory, be they the microwaves from telecommunications towers in HifFi Normal, radio waves from shortwave towers and sattelites in Transmissions, the separation of colour waves in 3part Harmony, or oceanic tidal waves in Where Ocean Meets Air.  Finally, nature of light as both a particle and a wave is used as an analogy to explore psychological loss, heartbreak, and healing in A Sum of Simpler Forces.  


Off Route 2
(2011, 35mm, colour, stereo, 10 min)

Turning (2004, 16mm, BW, silent, 9 min)

Transmissions (2009, expanded cinema performance for two 16mm projectors, 14 min)

HiFi Normal (2015, VHS transferred to digital, colour, stereo, 8 min)

Knowledge of Good and Evil (2005, 16mm, colour, silent, 1 min)

3part Harmony: Composition in RGB #1 (2006, 16mm, colour, mono, 6 min)

Fallen Flags (2007, 16mm, colour, mono, 8min)

v = d / t (2008, 16mm, colour, mono 8 min)

Lovesong for Lost Endings (2012, expanded cinema performance for 1 super 8 projector, 8 min)

A Sum of Simpler Forces (2010 / 2018, digital video, colour, stereo, 5bmin)

Where Ocean Meets Air (2016, expanded cinema performance for one 16mm projector, 16 min,)