About Requiem for Radio: Deviant Receptions

Requiem for Radio: Deviant Receptions is a 5 channel shortwave simulcast project that was integrated into the Requiem for Radio: Full Quiet Flutter performance.

A one hour 5 channel sound art work was commissioned by Lukas Pearse, and each channel was sent to a different shortwave station, where air time was bought during the Full Quiet Flutter Performance.  All 5 tracks were simultaneously transmitted toward New Brunswick for the performance.

The simulcasts took place 3 times.
May 25, 26, & 27 from 23h00 - 00h00 UTC


Composition:  “Dead Air Requiem” by Lukas Pearse
commissioned for Requiem for Radio by Amanda Dawn Christie

9620 Moosbrun Austria (Soprano: Renelle LeBlanc)
11580 WRMI Miami (Alto: Nokomi Ouellet)
6850 Pirate Radio Boston (Tenor 1: Justin Guignard)
6820 Radio Free Whatever (Tenor 1: Justin Guignard)
5130 WBCQ Monticello (Tenor 2: Joseph Goodwin)
9690 German Shortwave Service Nauen (Bass: Roger Castonguay)

This blog contains the reception reports for which I sent QSL cards to recipients.