Reception Report # 11: May 26. Pensylvania (11580 from Miami, 9690 from Germany, 9620 from Austria, 5130 from Monticello)

Dear Amanda,
It is with great pleasure that I report the reception of WRMI broadcasting from Okeechobee, FL in United States of America, and three other frequencies from different transmitters.
I heard your program on 26-May-2017 from 23:00 to 00:00 UTC on a frequency of 11580 simulcasting also on 5130, 9690, and 5130 MHz

Overall Reception Quality
The SINPO code that describes the overall reception quality of your broadcast is:

SINPO code

Note: The Program Details section contains SINPO codes that describe the reception quality of your broadcast throughout the listening period.

Receiver, Antenna, and Accessory
The receiver, antenna, and accessory I used to monitor your broadcast were:

Receivers Used:  WR-G33DDC Excalibur Pro/Grundig Satellit 750/RF Space SDR-IQ/        CommRadio CR-1a
Antenna:        Wellbrook ALA 1530S + Imperium/ Wellbrook 1530LNPro/ PARS SWL Sloper, Winradio Long Wire Antenna.
Accessory:     GAP- HEAR IT In Line Audio Enhancer Module

Program Details
Your broadcast was in the English language.  The following list describes the programs I heard:

Program Details

At 23:00 UTC, there was a brief WRMI Station ID followed by instrumental music with what sounded like Morse Code in music playing. At 23:01 UTC, I turned on several more receivers and tuned each one onto a different BC frequency- 9620 Moosbrunn, Austria, 5130 WBCQ Monticello, Maine, and 9690 Nauen, Germany.

At 23:02 UTC there was a male voice coming through on 9690 then it stopped with music still playing. WRMI ID calling Canada came on at 23:03 UTC. At 23:06 UTC, several female singers sang followed by a male singer and several females still singing.

At 23:07 UTC, a female speaker came on and gave numbers. A voice came on again at 23:11 UTC, giving out numbers while instrumental music was playing.

At 23:13 UTC, there were some techno sounds along with the Morse code and music playing.

At 23:18 UTC, there was more techno sounds along with a female voice speaking faintly in the background.

At 23:23 UTC, the Morse code started up again with spooky sounding music in the background.

Again at 23:28 UTC, the Morse code started again after becoming silent.

5130 WBCQ started to fade somewhat at 23:30 UTC, but the other three frequencies still came in strong.

23:31 UTC, Morse code and techno sounds playing, 23:34 UTC, techno music playing, no Morse code, 23:35 UTC, talking in background, Morse code again with a second code playing briefly at 23:39 UTC.

At 23:45 UTC, it sounded like talking again briefly or a techno sound? 

At 22:46 UTC, a male voice spoke along with the music, than a female voice came on.

At 23:48 UTC the female spoke German numbers with echo and reverb heard, along with helicopter sound.

At 23:52 UTC more techno sounds and music, 23:55 UTC, there was a tingling sound like glass being tapped. A whistling sound came on briefly at 23:57 UTC,

At23:59. 45 UTC,  a WRMI ID came on at 00:00 the program was over on all stations.


In Closing
I really enjoyed listening to the “Requiem for Radio” program broadcast this evening. This program was really amazing.  I have never before heard any type of music blended together on 4 different frequencies as this was. Several times I turned down the other three receivers and then one by one turned them up to blend in the music and sound effects. They all seemed to be in perfect synch with no lag time between the frequencies.  The longer I listened the more the music reminded me of “Pink Floyd head music,” from back in the day, very soothing.  I’m 65 years old.
If the information in this report matches your program log, I would greatly appreciate receiving a QSL (verification) card or letter from you.
Thank you very much for reading my report.  I hope you found it useful.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. Again, this was a very amazing program!
Good luck and 73,