Reception Report #6: May 25. Central New York (11580 from Miami, 9690 from Germany, 9620 from Austria, and 5130 from Monticello)

Requiem for Radio Reception report

I received part of the 5-station simulcast for "Requiem for Radio" at 2300 UTC on May 25, 2017. I listened for 16 minutes, during which time I heard the tones making up the music as well as some voices from shortwave radio, CW signals, and a woman from a "numbers station" transmission. I was tuned primarily to 11580 kHz (via WRMI), but also tuned around and was able to hear three of the other four frequencies (9690 kHz, 9620 kHz, and 5130 kHz), but was not able to pick up the transmission from Boston Pirate Radio at 6850 kHz.

Primary reception at 11580 kHz was excellent, with no noise or fading (SIO = 555), as was reception at 9690 kHz. Reception at 9620 kHz was a bit weaker but still high quality (SIO = 455). Reception at 5130 kHz was weaker and had some minimal noise (SIO = 344). All transmissions were received on an ICOM R75 communications receiver and a 50 foot wire antenna in my attic.

Would it be possible to receive a QSL verifying reception?