Reception Report #8: May 25. Germany (11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, and 9690 from Germany)

Requiem for Radio - Reception report from Germany

Dear Amanda,
dear all at Requiem for Radio,

last night I was able to listen to your special broadcast on shortwave here in Germany. I heard about your project a few weeks ago and received an email with a reminder about the transmission from a friend and so I tuned in. I used my software defined radio, which means it is a box connected via USB to my laptop (and to the antenna outside of course) which makes it really easy to tune to different stations and to analyse the signal. Please find attached a screenshot of my decoding software which shows the transmission on 9620 and 9680 kHz. It is nice to see the signals from to different transmitting stations broadcasting content that is nearly similar. Furthermore, I could listen to the frequency used by WRMI. For more details, see my reception report below. I am also attaching a short MP3 clip, recorded on 9620 kHz.

I will try to tune in tonight again, using my 1960's SIEMENS receiver – without any digital features.
I have to admit that I don't know that much about audio art projects like yours but have to say it felt really cool to tune in to a different frequency, transmitted by a station on the other side of the Atlantic and listening to some instruments that were playing to the music transmitted from a station here in Germany. A really nice experience! Even the fading and interference by other stations felt arty! :-) I hope that your shows and whole project is working well and many listeners embark on that kind of shortwave adventure! By the way, I am a 25-year-old radio-fan and shortwave-listener, and I am always happy to discover interesting projects and radio-stations. A few years ago, German public broadcaster DRadio did some kind of similar project. They were broadcasting a short audio-clip at night on their AM frequencies and asked listeners to record it and send it to them. Then, they were broadcasting the listener's recordings – which were recorded and emailed to the station by the listeners again and so the sound was changing after some time again and again. I know it was completely different, but somehow your project reminded me of that too.
Please find my reception report below. I'd be really happy to receive one of your QSL cards in case my report is interesting for you.

All the best,


Date: 25-05-2017
Time: 2300-2320 UTC

Frequencies and reception quality:

11580 kHz (via WRMI): SIO 454 (good signal, no interference, no noise, slight fading, good reception!)
9690 kHz (via Nauen): SIO 333 (mediocre signal, interference by All India Radio, no noise, slight fading, mediocre reception)
9620 kHz (via Moosbrunn): SIO 444 (good signal, slight interference possibly by China, slight noise, some fading, good reception)

no signal on my location on the two other frequencies

sound mix of morse signals, numbers stations and music
Receiver & Antenna:

ELAD FDM-S1 with Miniwhip antenna (outside)

Decoding software screenshot by Daniel Kahler