Reception Report #17: May 26. Germany (11580 from Miami)

Greetings from Germany !
great to hear your special performance here with a good signal from Okeechobee. Very interesting project !

For me as an DXer and shortwave enthusiast it would be a great pleasure to get yourn special QSL card as a verification. Please note also transmitter site on it.
Will also try to hear another frequency of your last day transmission. Its 1 am local here - so better run a recording on MD - have to work this weekend and getting up before 5 am...
Send my best wishes to your team !

Requiem for Radio


It is with great pleasure that I report the reception of Requiem for Radio. I heard your station on 26-May-2017 from 23:00 to 23:59 UTCon a frequency of 11580 kHz via WRMI, Okeechobee, FL, USA.
Reception Quality

The overall SINPO code that describes the reception quality of your broadcast is:


Equipment Used

The receiver, antenna, and accessory equipment I used to monitor your broadcast were:

Receiver: Sony ICF 2001 D
Antenna: Grahn magnetic loop (GS2-SE)

Program Details

Your broadcast was in the following language: multiple.

The following list describes the programs I heard (times are UTC):

23:00-23:59 UTC
sound collage - Morse code audio - backround sound "This is WRMI...calling ..RCI..."; 23:06 UTC female singer, 23:07 UTC female voice "..78394, 78494, 24146...", german numbers...23:46 UTC german numbers by female,

I really enjoyed listening to Requiem for Radio.

If the information in this report matches your station log, I would greatly appreciate receiving a QSL (verification) card from you.

Thank you very much for reading my report.  I hope your engineers found it useful.  .

Good luck and 73,