Reception Report #23: May 27. Rhode Island. (6940 USB Radio Free Whatever and 6850 Pirate Radio Boston)

Greetings Amanda!

 Hello from Rhode Island. I am writing to confirm reception of your Requiem For Radio program on 5/27/2017 from 2326-2337 UTC on 6940 USB mode and 5/27/2017 from 2341-2359* UTC on 6850.5 AM mode. I live in Warwick, Rhode Island USA and have been listening to shortwave radio since 1991. My primary interest is focused on the shortwave pirate radio stations here in North America and also from Europe. I used my Kenwood TS450 radio and all band dipole antenna at 135 feet long and up about 40 feet to listen to the two broadcasts. My reception details are as follows:

2326- strange sounds and spacey musicS5-6 (6940 USB)
2329- data sounds/CW mixed into the spacey music
2331- YL reading numbers quickly in Spanish
2334- Lincolnshire Poacher music then YL repeating "3 9 7 1 5"
2337- YL reading off numbers then more Lincolnshire Poacher music

2341- spacey musicS7-8(6850.5 AM)
2344- some beeps then YL voice reading off numbers
2347- spacey music and YL voice with numbers in German
2353- more spacey music
2356- more spacey music along with various beeps
2359- off.

 The broadcast on 6850 AM was relayed by Pirate Radio Boston and the one on 6940 USB was relayed by Radio Free Whatever, both station operators are very close friends of mine by the way! The audio from both stations was excellent and the signal strengths indicated were both good. I truly enjoyed listening to your program, it was something I've never heard before on shortwave! You did an amazing job putting this together and it was definitely fun to hear. After doing some online research regarding the radio program I see it is an homage to Radio Canada International which closed down operations in June of 2012. Your website about the Requiem For Radio program is very interesting, there is a ton of information there to read! I will definitely check it all out soon. If this report is correct a QSL would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if you will be sending out postal QSL cards or electronic QSLs so here is my home address:

 Thank you in advance and I wish you the best of luck in your future projects Amanda.