Reception Report #25: May 27. Conneticut. (ALL 5 TRACKS! 11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, 9690 from Germany, 5130 from Monticello, and 6850 from Pirate Radio Boston)

Subject: reception report

Message: Dear Ms. Christie -

Just a note that I received your broadcast of "Requiem for Radio" at 2300 UTC on May 25, 26, and 27, 2017. To help spread the word, I posted word of reception on I was able to eventually receive the broadcast on all five frequencies (5310, 6850, 9620, 9690, 11580) and thoroughly enjoyed. It was chilling to hear Shortwaveservice/WBCQ staff attempting to reach RCI toward the start.

I found the piece heartwarming on a couple of levels. First, I am a rabid radio listener and had been a fan of programming from Sackville. Second, I have a son who received his Master's in Music Composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music, so I have a fondness for newer orchestra works.

For such a lovely work, I warmed up three tube radios which made my living room sound like a concert hall: '36 Zenith Console 8S154, '37 Emerson AR-176, and ' 50 Zenith Trans Oceanic G500 (you can check them on line). This was quite a creative laboring on your part. I wish you success in future endeavors.

73 -