Montreal in July

This summer I decided to get the hell outta dodge and hunker down far away from the distractions of home to focus on editing my film.  A friend was leaving the country for the month and was looking for someone to house sit.  So I took my vacation from the Galerie Sans Nom and offered my services. 

I loaded up the car with all of my post production gear; computer, raid drives, hard drives, speakers, second screen, etc. etc and drove up to Montreal.   Upon my arrival I set up the garage studio as an editing suite.  In spite of being in the big city of art and culture, I didn't go out much.  I was staying in Park X, and focused my time on gardening in the back yard, cooking regular meals for myself, getting good sleep, and working on the film.  I saw a few friends, and went to one opening at Dazibao, but aside from that, I stayed at the house and worked on my film.  Much needed time to focus on post-production.

garage studio editing suite

Back garden BBQ dinner for one, with the garage studio editing suite visible through the open door.