Requiem for Radio at Paved Arts in Saskatoon

In additition to presenting Off Route 2 at Paved Arts, I was also invited to perform Requiem for Radio on the night of the opening.  I also gave an artist talk / workshop about my process used in Requiem for Radio to an Ableton users group on Thursday night.

Friday, September 12 was a big night.  After my performance, BlackFlash magazine held a launch (their office is just oustide of the second floor performance space, and both PavedArts and AKA had openings, and several other galleries in the same neighboorhood had openings.  Gallery crawl ahoy!

Landing at the Saskatoon airport at the beginning of the week with all of my performance gear and installation materials in pellican cases, I felt a bit like a travelling rockstar or maybe a scientist on a field research trip... why i didn't feel like an artist, i dunno...

Paved Arts shares a building with AKA gallery and BlackFlash Magazine.  The building is a pretty incredible space, with both galleries on the first floor, and a production centre on the second floor along with a shared performance space and some offices.  The building was formerly a Chinese restaurant called Toon's Kitchen.