Spectres of Shortwave work in progress screening

So last summer, the FICFA had asked me if I would present a rough-cut or work in progress screening of Spectres of Shortwave during the festival.  Thinking that I should be practically finished the film by this time, I agreed.  The closer the date of the screening got, the more nervous I became.  It's very vulnerable position to show a work that is not yet completed to the public.

I had a 60 minute rough cut finished.  Mireille and I did a small presentation before the screening about the projects and research that led up to the film - related gallery installations such as Radio Towers Like Windchimes, Sine Waves and Snow Falls, and The Marshland Radio Plumbing Project.  Then we screened the 20 minute rough cut, followed by a Q & A.

Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  I still feel like I have a fair bit of work and refining to do, but the encouragement from the audience was very motivating.

The screening and catalogue launch took place on nov. 19