VHS explorations for Objectifs obliques

As a part of this year's Objectifs Obliques program at the FICFA, I was invited to create a collaborative video with Léandre Bourgeois. 

We decided to work with VHS, playing with feedback loops and also with tape loops.  I built a home made DIY dirty video switcher in a peppermint tin, and Léandre dismantled a couple of VCRs and built a tape loop device. 

The card we pulled was "Toward the Insignificant" so we decided to take this in two ways: 1) from the significant (representational sign) toward the insignificant (abstract non-representational images) and 2) from a significant and useful building / technology (the NBtel tower which was once a very important communications structure) to the abstraction of it (as now it is barely used).

Our source image was the NBtel tower in downtown Moncton which gradually degraded throughout the duration of the video.

The screening will be nov. 18 at the Centre culturel Aberdeen