first post

I built my last website in 2009, using dreamweaver, and would update it manually whenever I got a chance.  Since then, there have been some amazing developments in the land of online platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and more. 

I haven't updated my website in a long while, and it's getting to be tedious and time consuming to do it manually in dreamweaver... plus I don't have the latest version, and my old version is no longer compatible with my new operating system. 

As a result, I decided that it would be easier to rebuild my entire site from the ground up.  A complete overhaul and redesign.  I've been thinking about this for a long while now, and in that time my old site was not getting updated.  I've never had the time to build a new one though.  I don't really have the time now either... but isn't procrastination a wonderful thing?  I spent a few hours on it last night, and all day today... and now it's pretty much done.  I have to sort a few things out with my current web host and my domain name... and hopefully I can go live with this new site by the end of the week.  Now that's what I call productive procrastination!