and it's live!

After rebuilding my website from scratch, it's finally up and running live online!
The DNS has been rerouted, and my trusty old domain name points to the new site instead of the old one!

I'd still like to refine a few things on this new site... I'm currently uploading password protected preview videos of all my 16mm films (if you'd like to see them, just message me for the password), and eventually I'd like to to have a page and do the same for all of my super 8 films and my videos.

I'd also like to have a page for each of the workshops that I teach that would include workshop outlines, images from past workshops, and downloadable pdfs to my teaching handouts.  I also still need to scan in press clippings and reviews from the past year.

But those things can come later on in time, some day when I'm procrastinating.

In the meantime, I'm much happier with this new site!  The old one is not gone forever though, if you want to visit the old one, there is a link to it at the very bottom of the "about" page... I figure that if anyone has bothered to read down to the bottom of that lengthy bio and is still curious, they can click the link there to see the old website... it wasn't updated for a year, and it's clunky... but it's a bit of my history...

In the days to come I hope to start blogging about projects and research a bit more, and this new website also makes it much easier for me to keep my "upcoming events" section up to date.