Reception Report #13: May 26. Italy (11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, 9690 from Germany)

Dear Amanda,

here is my reception report:

Date: May 26th, 2017
Time: 2300 – 0000 UTC (01:00 - 02:00 AM local time here in Italy)
Frequency: 11.580 kHz, 9.620 kHz, 9.690 kHz (the others were silent)

Location: Bra, north west of Italy

Receivers: Grundig WR 5410 (built in stylus), WEBSDR Twente University

SINPO with websdr Twente: 54555 for (11.580 kHz), 44444 (9.620 and 9.690)

SINPO with Grundig WR5401: 43343 (11.580 kHz), 23223 (9.620 and 9.690)


Reception notes

I got a glimpse of the 25th broadcast, so on the 26 I set up a websdr station with 5 istances, one on each station broadcasting.

To make things more SWL, I paired the websdr with my small Grundig WR5401.Fair reception expecially on 11.580.

That's for the reception report.

Now for the broadcast: thank you! Brava! Bravi tutti!

As I wrote on facebook, I was really fascinated by the overall artistic experience (I skipped three hours of sleep, with no regrets...).

That fluid, seamless texture of sounds, voices, noises, almost ipnotic.

Sometimes reminded me of Ligeti's works, but also of the evenings spent turning the tuning dial of a 1930 radio just for listening the sounds of radio waves.

And all of this not on a mere mp3 track but sent on 5 channels all over the ether, bouncing around the world though the air and then in my home (in a sense, all the metallic structures of the world, all the world, resonate of the Requiem...). A great experience, really.

I didn't know about your work until yesterday night (I got the news from SWLing blog) but I will look on you website.



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