Reception Report #14: May 26. Germany (11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria)

Dear Amanda,
dear Requiem for Radio team,

Many greetings from Leipzig in Germany. I read this past week some postings about the shortwave transmissions of your Radio for Requiem sound project which is, as I understand, in part honouring the former shortwave transmitters of Radio Canada International.

Though I would not call myself an insider to sound art, I have often listened to some projects when they are broadcast, for instance on Germany's nation-wide Deutschlandradio, or, when I was living in London, on the local Resonance FM.

Having been a shortwave listener in the past decades, including to Radio Canada International's services in English and, until the early 1990s, in German, I was curious to check if I could hear Requiem for Radio on shortwave. Monitoring shortwave signals has become increasingly difficult, as I live in an urban area where more and more electronical devices in the neighbours' households emit severe interfering noise.

But still ... I was thrilled to hear your project last night on two frequencies, 11580 kHz from Florida, and 9620 kHz from Austria. There was much noise on the radio bands, but I am pretty certain that it was indeed your sound project. When I was checking 11580 kHz at around 23:08 hours UTC, I heard "Kyrie eleison", while at other times, some morse code pips and recordings of 'numbers stations' were added to the spheric sounds.

Please find an MP3 file attached to this message. It contains two recordings:

Firstly, two minutes recorded on 11580 kHz from Florida, 23:16-23:18 hours UTC, on 26/05/2017.
Secondly, one minute recorded on 9620 kHz from Austria, 23:23-23:24 UTC, also on 26/05/2017.

Both takes were recorded with my 1999 mini disc recorder, and then transferred to the computer. I recorded from the loudspeakers of my ca. 1990 Grundig Satellit 700 world-band receiver that is only using an in-built telescopic antenna. So, no fancy equipment that would probably have given a better reception, but I was content with what I was able to achieve.

Thank you, and thanks to the broadcasting partners, for making this project possible. I will keep your website bookmarked to check if there might be a final report on the project some time in the future. -- If you find the time to confirm my reception report with your QSL, I will be greatful indeed.

All the very best and please keep up your exciting work.

Best regards from Germany,