Reception Report #15 : May 26. China (9690 from Germany)

Dear Amanda,

I think that I heard your Requiem for Radio's shortwave broadcast last night.

Here's my reception report:

Date: May 26, 2017
Universal Time: 2300 to 2320
Location: Nanjing, China
Receiver: Tecsun HAM-2000
Antenna: 15m Longwire
Frequency: 9690 kHz
SINPO: 34433

Program details:
From 2300 UTC, I heard mass music which sometimes mixed with telegraph sound. Your signal was fairly strong but unsteady! Despite some noise and fast fading, the broadcast was clear! I love musicians' perfect performances and your great transmission! When I heard your broadcast, it seemed that I was conjuring ghosts of radio masts and towers. I really feel pity for the loss of the RCI shortwave towers that stood in Sackville!

Please check the enclosed audio clip and verify my reception report. Would you like sending me a QSL card?

I am an international radio enthusiast living in China. I am very interested in DXing and collecting radio schedules, QSL cards and pennants.

Thanks a lot and best regards!

Yours truly,