Reception Report #19: North Carolina (11580 from Miami, 9620 from Austria, 9690 from Germany, 5130 from Monticello, and 6850 from Pirate Radio Boston)

Form Submission - Contact - tonight's "Requiem For Radio" broadcast

Subject: tonight's "Requiem For Radio" broadcast

Message: Amanda, I'm listening to tonight's broadcast and find it unusually compelling. I only found out about it 15 minutes or so before it started, and I'm really glad I tuned in.

I started on WRMI-11580, but it took a dive in signal strength at about 2310 UTC. I checked Pirate Radio Boston-6850 and WBCQ-5130, they were there but too early to propagate from New England down here to NC. However, the two Eurosites on 9620 and 9690 are doing the best here, 9620 especially as I write.

When I was on 11580 I was amused to hear Jeff White calling RCI Sackville from Okeechobee. Here on 9620 I'm hearing the numbers ladies I remember from the past. I do love the music and will go looking next for downloads or CDs of your work!

Maybe you have or maybe you haven't, but I would love to hear about your efforts in arranging these performances both technical and logistical with the different stations (including a pirate! perfect!!).

I subscribe to your twitter feed and I notice you're QSLing these broadcasts, so I would appreciate one greatly (even though I haven't solicited QSLs in at least 30 year!) via email or postal mail

Thank you for one of the most unusual shortwave receptions I can remember!