Reception Report #20: Massachussets (6850, Pirate Radio Boston)

Dear Amanda,

 I am close friends with CL. He told me about the broadcast.
 Could you please confirm my report with your QSL or verification. This would be very much appreciated.

Here is the information;
Date : 27 May, 2017.
Time 23:40 UTC 00:00 UTC.
Frequency : 6850 KHz.

I did not hear a good signal until 23:40 UTC when the signal faded in quite well for my noisy location. SINPO 33333.

My radio is a Drake R-8 Communications receiver with in indoor, Dymek, all band whip antenna. ( Condo board will not let me have an outside antenna.)

Here are some program details.
I heard what sounded like sound art / music. It had (to me) a mournful sound. In this i heard various strange noises, I heard some words or numbers being repeated by a female, as well as some RTTY sounds.

I did not hear an ID at the end of the broadcast.

I am thankful CL told me about this. I enjoyed the experience. it made me think of the state of radio today, and the work we must do to save it.

I appreciate your efforts.  this broadcast was not at all ordinary, which I found refreshing.

Please accept my very best wishes. I hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours